Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Elusive Painted Bunting

I love watching all the birds in my yard. I have been amazed at the variety. I am most drawn to birds with bright colors and ever since I saw a picture of a Painted Bunting, I have been obsessed with seeing this bird for myself. My husband told me he had seen the bird and this made me very jealous. My obsession with the bird has been so great that I have had at least two dreams in which I did see this elusive bird.  My husband was able to get me to go on a hike with him because I had hoped to see the elusive Painted Bunting. I was convinced that I needed to venture out of my back yard if I wanted to see this awesome creature somewhere other than my dreams. Continue reading

Buying Organic Meat on a Budget

In my household, we have made a shift to buying organic meats. I really have a big concern for keeping my family healthy and minimizing GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) and other bad things in our food. It is not an easy switch because of the great cost difference and we are definitely a family on a tight budget. However, I never buy the meat unless it is on sale or already reasonably priced. When it is on sale, I buy several packages. Continue reading

The Little Hen that Crowed

I have a little Bantam hen that has recently started crowing.   The morning starts out quiet enough and the next thing I know out of my little hen comes the loudest crowing.  This concerns me on multiple levels.  I live in a residential neighborhood so I definitely worry about the noise.  I am also concerned because I have read about how hens sometimes end up with a damaged ovary that can lead them to becoming more rooster like. My little chick has stopped laying so that possibility has crossed my mind.  I didn’t sign up for a backyard rooster. Continue reading

Hummingbirds Rule

I like to look out my backdoor and watch my chickens and the many creatures that make themselves at home in our backyard. Seeing all the creatures in my yard can really help my mood and make me smile. Putting up a hummingbird feeder right outside the door has been a wonderfully entertaining treat. Continue reading