The Little Hen that Crowed

I have a little Bantam hen that has recently started crowing.   The morning starts out quiet enough and the next thing I know out of my little hen comes the loudest crowing.  This concerns me on multiple levels.  I live in a residential neighborhood so I definitely worry about the noise.  I am also concerned because I have read about how hens sometimes end up with a damaged ovary that can lead them to becoming more rooster like. My little chick has stopped laying so that possibility has crossed my mind.  I didn’t sign up for a backyard rooster.

There are other reasons that I read about why the crowing could happen.  We do not have a rooster and often that can lead to crowing among hens, but I read that usually it is the dominant hen that will do that.  My little chick is definitely not at the top of the pecking order.  She is pretty feisty though and doesn’t want to submit to me, but only to the dominant hen.

Because of the crowing and my concern for the noise, I usually try to catch her and lock her in the coop for a time out until she quiets down.  This is not always easy. I am sure it could be a funniest home video to see me in action trying to catch her.  I feel like I am channeling Lucy Ricardo. When I do catch her, she will often bite down and not let go of the gloves I use to handle her.  There is no way that I will try to pick her up without the gloves.

I am keeping an eye on my little one and hoping she stops crowing and starts laying again soon.  She has the best tasting and cutest little eggs.  She is my little miss and she needs to get back to earning her keep.

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4 thoughts on “The Little Hen that Crowed

  1. Velma Ballot

    Cock a doodle-doo to you Amanda! I can just see you in “Lucy” fashion running round and round the yard trying to catch your hen! Maybe it’s okay with the neighbors hear the crowing…but then, maybe not! Thanks for sharing this!


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