The Elusive Painted Bunting

I love watching all the birds in my yard. I have been amazed at the variety. I am most drawn to birds with bright colors and ever since I saw a picture of a Painted Bunting, I have been obsessed with seeing this bird for myself. My husband told me he had seen the bird and this made me very jealous. My obsession with the bird has been so great that I have had at least two dreams in which I did see this elusive bird.  My husband was able to get me to go on a hike with him because I had hoped to see the elusive Painted Bunting. I was convinced that I needed to venture out of my back yard if I wanted to see this awesome creature somewhere other than my dreams.

Well this evening I had the most wonderful surprise when my husband looked out our back door and spotted what he thought looked like a new bird in one of his pepper plants. He grabbed the binoculars for a closer look and announced it was a Painted Bunting. We both took turns admiring this awesome bird through the binoculars. I was not disappointed. This bird is just so beautiful with all its rainbow coloring. I could not get a great picture, but at least it is clear that it is a Painted Bunting, a beautiful male bird. I am intrigued how the male birds have the prettiest colors in nature. I am just on such a great high after seeing this bird. It was a great blessing to me on this day. I hope he comes back to see me soon.

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