Raising Backyard Chickens – Health Benefits

Due to a stray chicken that wandered into my yard one day, I have become a backyard chicken farmer and I have discovered some unexpected health benefits due to raising backyard chickens. I call myself a reluctant chicken farmer because I never had any desire to raise chickens, but I am learning so much and the health benefits are undeniable. If you are considering raising backyard chickens, consider these great health benefits to being a chicken farmer.

Fresh Air

I tend to spend most of my time indoors, but because I need to look after the chickens, I spend far more time outdoors than I ever did in the past. Several times a day I wander outside to see what the chickens are doing and to make sure they have plenty of food and water. Fresh air is a definite benefit to raising backyard chickens.

A Reason to Get Moving

Along with the fresh air, I am also on the move quite a bit. The time I spend walking around the yard and checking on the chickens keeps me from sitting and doing nothing for too long. My backyard chickens definitely keep me more active and that is a great health benefit.

Exercising the Brain

Before I acquired my backyard chickens, I knew nothing about being a chicken farmer. Now my brain is stimulated daily as I learn new things about chickens by raising them. I am learning to be a chicken psychologist as I watch the chickens and become attuned to their different noises and actions. Their welfare is a priority and I need to be observant. These activities most certainly exercise my brain and are another great health benefit.

Good Eats

A great thing about backyard chickens is the availability of daily fresh eggs. I have never been a big fan of eggs, but I do find that I like the eggs from our chickens. I eat eggs almost daily and I am always looking for different recipes that require eggs. I know there are great health benefits to eating eggs.

Good Mental Health

My chickens can be quite entertaining. The chickens make me laugh because of their quirky personalities and they make me feel good because they want to be around me. I used to think it was just for the treats, but it seems more than that now. I am able to share the life of being a chicken mama with my friends and family on Facebook. I think this interaction is good for me too. I like to say that I have a following because of my chickens.

My mom says she cannot believe her daughter is a chicken farmer and neither can I, but I cannot deny some of the positive health benefits that come from raising backyard chickens. Raising chickens has changed my life, but maybe it is for the better. Being a backyard chicken mama or papa is not for everyone, but maybe it is for you after hearing the testimony of a reluctant backyard chicken farmer.

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