My Homestead

Since I entitled by blog Faithful Homesteader, I wanted to write a little post about my humble homestead. I own a small house with my husband with just less than half an acre of land. We live in a semi-rural area. My husband has a green thumb and it has served us well. He likes to grow a variety of different foods and loves to experiment with a variety of organic methods. We rarely buy vegetables at the store and often have plenty to share with our family and friends. We have three chickens that help in the garden. They provide fertilizer and pest control. In the past, they have provided eggs, but they are currently on strike.

I really love our whole little ecosystem that we have going in our backyard. I can stand at my backdoor and see a great variety of birds. So far, I have counted over thirty different birds. They are well fed in our yard. I also get great enjoyment watching the other creatures like the squirrels, lizards, butterflies, and dragonflies. We even have a frog that likes to hang around. I take ownership of all of these.

We have a wonderful cat that provides us hours of entertainment. She is great therapy for us and is good for keeping the blood pressure in check. She is good pest control for inside the house as well. I pity the bugs that cross her path. It is interesting to watch her play with them and torture them. I feel bad for them sometimes, but I sure don’t want them hanging around the house.

I get a great since of calm and pleasure from all that I have in my little homestead world. It is a nice escape from the real world. I can’t imagine life without my cat, chickens, birds, and other fun creatures that hang out in my yard. I know my husband wants more, but I am content with my humble homestead.

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