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Fiction or Non-fiction? That is the Question

The Great Divide Daily Prompt has me thinking about reading fiction and non-fiction. It asks about the preference between the two when it comes to reading for fun. I cannot exclusively pick one over the other because it really depends on my mood and motivation for reading. Continue reading

My Rescue Cat Makes Me Smile

Just maxin and relaxin.

Just maxin and relaxin.

As I was exploring other WordPress blogs, I came across Leane Cole Photography. She had some wonderful pictures of her cat Tiddles on her post Tuesdays Bits and Bobs – On My Way. I commented about how anything with cats makes me smile. Today I was thinking about how much my rescue cat Abigail makes me smile. Continue reading

Hummingbirds and Butterflies

I was so surprised one day to find this butterfly hanging out at the hummingbird feeder.

Of all the backyards in all the world...

Of all the backyards in all the world…

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Backyard Chicken Haiku

I guess you know you are obsessed with your chickens when you write a poem about them. I could not help myself. Continue reading

Breaking Miss Broody

As a new chicken mama, I was not prepared for a hen to go broody. I noticed that our Cochin Bantam was spending a lot of time in the nesting area. This was the chicken that adopted us by wandering into our yard one day. I told my husband that I was concerned. He went and checked on her and discovered that she was sitting on eggs and told me she was broody.

Our little Bantam.

Our little Bantam.

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Let’s Talk About Me

Sharing about life and ideas is a great way to make a connection. I want to write in this blog about things that have helped me in my life and I hope to encourage others through my story. I love to learn and I crave stimulation. Within the past year or so, I became a backyard chicken farmer. This has been an incredible learning experience and I have enjoyed sharing my adventures with friends and family, but I would love to connect with a broader audience. Continue reading

Making Homemade Paprika

Are you looking for something new to try with an overabundance of peppers? Experimenting with making paprika is a great use of peppers and it adds great flavor to home cooked meals. Continue reading