Let’s Talk About Me

Sharing about life and ideas is a great way to make a connection. I want to write in this blog about things that have helped me in my life and I hope to encourage others through my story. I love to learn and I crave stimulation. Within the past year or so, I became a backyard chicken farmer. This has been an incredible learning experience and I have enjoyed sharing my adventures with friends and family, but I would love to connect with a broader audience.

I call my blog Faithful Homesteader because of my cozy little homestead that is filled with my cat, chickens, and other critters. My husband is prolific gardener and we have been able to attract many birds and other creatures because of his garden. This gives me a great escape from life and I hope to share about my bird watching adventures and other exploits.

I also plan to share recipes and advice for healthy living and eating on a budget. I am on a journey of clean eating and living. I want to reach people who are on a similar journey. I believe that many illnesses can be cured through healthy eating and exercise. Through this experience of blogging and sharing, I look forward to to meeting many people along the way and I hope I will have helped, entertained, and encouraged.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Me

  1. Bea

    Chicken comrades. Gardening gals.
    Hello, I am trying to find my way through the maze of chicken breeds so that I can order/receive my chickens before winter sets in. I’m in north Texas so I’m looking for heat tolerant chickens that are pleasant and lay lots of eggs. My husband loves eggs. Thank you sooo much. I love your informational, motivational blogs!


    1. canaf Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I don’t have a lot of experience with many breeds. I had a Red Star that was a great layer and seemed to do okay with the heat. Now I have bantams. They lay, but the eggs are tiny. A good place that has been helpful to me with chicken questions is http://justfowlingaround.weebly.com/#/ I wish you well. Chickens can be a great addition to life 🙂



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