My Rescue Cat Makes Me Smile

Just maxin and relaxin.

Just maxin and relaxin.

As I was exploring other WordPress blogs, I came across Leane Cole Photography. She had some wonderful pictures of her cat Tiddles on her post Tuesdays Bits and Bobs – On My Way. I commented about how anything with cats makes me smile. Today I was thinking about how much my rescue cat Abigail makes me smile.

Getting ready for her workout.

Getting ready for her workout.

There are many way that she makes me smile. She is a Tonkinese mix. I heard that they are vocal cats and she most certainly is that. She has many ways of communicating vocally. When she walks into a room and wants acknowledgement, she has the cutest little soft meow. When she wants food, she has a very demanding loud meow, but somehow it is still cute. If I am having a louder than normal discussion with my husband, she breaks in with her “lets take things down a notch” meow. It is the most adorable thing.

Abigail is my therapist. Her purrs are soothing and petting her soft fur has such a calming effect on me. When it comes to playtime, she is quite the acrobat and she lets us know when she is ready to play. She loves to drop and gives us belly. We find it so funny how much she loves to do that. If I am walking through the house, she will just drop in front of me belly exposed and seeking attention.

cat3 - Copy

I just want to be loved is that so wrong?

I think pets are one of the most precious of God’s creations. I know I can’t imagine my life without the wonderful pets that I have been honored to have in my life. Do you have a precious pet that makes you smile?

She loves to be up high.

She loves to be up high.

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14 thoughts on “My Rescue Cat Makes Me Smile

  1. wendybarronwrites

    Cats are hilarious, usually when they’re trying not to be. I used to be owned by a cat, but we live petless now. My neighbour has a couple of cats who like to visit from time to time, though, so we get all the benefit of cats without the expense and inconveniences that come with.

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  2. The WheatandTares

    I love the pics of your Abigail. I just love cats, and we used to have two. One died about 5 years ago; she was part Manx, and I read somewhere they can sometimes die young (she was 12 years old). Our second cat got hit by a car 2 years ago, and I still miss them both! They were like my “kids” before I had kids of my own. Maybe one day, we’ll have another… Thank you for sharing about your sweet one. Your post makes me want to snuggle up with her and listen to her purr. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person


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