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Backyard Scare Part 2

Last week I shared about a backyard scare in our yard with a hawk. My husband was home to take care of things and bring calm to the situation, but this week I had to handle a similar situation alone. Continue reading

My Wii Workout

I have health issues that make exercising a challenge, but Wii workouts are good for me. I am not the athletic type and I am a couch potato so I need exercise that is fun and low impact. Continue reading

Backyard Scare

What was left of the Hawk.

What was left of the Hawk.

We had a bit of unwanted excitement with our chickens today. I have a bird bath that sits where I can see it from my living room. Suddenly I looked up and saw a larger than normal bird in it. Continue reading

Carrot, Apple, and Pumpkin Drink

I don’t always have an easy time with eating the daily recommended amount of vegetables. One of my favorite ways to get some vegetables in my diet is with carrot drinks mixed with apple. Continue reading

Liebster Award

I want to say thank you to   of According to Courtney for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It feels good to receive such recognition from the blogging community.

liebster21 Continue reading

The Moon is Red – A Haiku

There is a lot of hype about blood moons these days. This hype and a cool moon inspired this haiku. Continue reading


Here is my take on a weekly haiku challenge. Continue reading

One Lovely Blogger Award

I am so thankful to Inspiring Max for nominating me for the One Lovely Blogger Award. It is nice to know that I have made a connection with some fellow bloggers. Continue reading