Backyard Scare

What was left of the Hawk.

What was left of the Hawk.

We had a bit of unwanted excitement with our chickens today. I have a bird bath that sits where I can see it from my living room. Suddenly I looked up and saw a larger than normal bird in it. I alerted my husband thinking this could be a hawk.  He went to scare it off and let me know it was a juvenile hawk.

chicks - Copy

The girls.

We think it may have been a Red-shouldered Hawk. It made me think if Henery Hawk, but I know it was scary for our girls. My husband found them cowering in a corner underneath our deck. We were able to coax them out with some mealworms. We certainly want our girls to feel secure. I am seeing other birds come back to the bird bath so that is a good sign the hawk is gone for now. We will have to stay alert.

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