My Wii Workout

I have health issues that make exercising a challenge, but Wii workouts are good for me. I am not the athletic type and I am a couch potato so I need exercise that is fun and low impact. I love the variety I get with my Wii workout. I do regular exercises too, but when I struggle to workout, the Wii workouts are a great help.

I almost always aim for at least 30 minutes of Wii activity and I strive for at least three days a week. I work out with the Wii Fit Plus, Wii Active, Wii Sports, and Just Dance. Recently I have added Country Dance 2 to the mix.

With the Wii Fit Plus, I select a variety of activities to get my 30 minutes. I combine yoga and strength training with aerobic activity such as the step aerobics and rhythm boxing. On shorter workout days, I do the Wii Sports. I really feel the burn in my arms with Wii Sports boxing.

I like doing the Wii Active because of the kickboxing and the sports such as tennis and baseball. I have created my own routine with the Wii Active that combines several rounds of the kickboxing along with tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and dancing. I am not so good at real life sports, but I can excel with the Wii Active in virtual sports. I put my whole body in to the routines for maximum benefit.

My favorite way to exercise with the Wii is with the dancing. I absolutely love to dance and it makes my workouts so much fun. With the Just Dance 2, I always set it for the intense exercise mode so that it tracks how much activity I do in a week. I usually aim for 10 songs a workout for at least 30 minutes of activity. Country Dance 2 also has an exercise mode. With that I set it for 10 rounds and that brings me to about 30 minutes of dance time.

Wii workouts are great for people who have trouble doing other types of exercise. When I have not worked out for a time with the Wii, I get sore so I know I am getting a workout. The dancing gets my heart rate up and I work up a sweat. With all the Wii workouts I am always inspired to work harder and improve my exercise scores. I say Wii exercise is better than no exercise and perfect for this couch potato.

3 thoughts on “My Wii Workout

  1. Sandi

    My kids laugh at me, but I also like Wii fitness–mostly WiiFit Plus and Wii U Plus, with a bit of Wii Zumba thrown in. Since the school year started, I have fallen off the Wii wagon, so to speak. Maybe your post will motivate me to get off the internet and get out the balance board.

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