New Zealand Green-lipped Mussel – Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

My husband has lived with severe arthritis in his knee, but he has been able to get relief with the natural supplement New Zealand green-lipped mussel. He has such great success with the New Zealand green-lipped mussel that we wanted to share his story in hopes that it may help others.

Looking for Relief
Previously my husband’s arthritis pain was so bad that he could barely walk and certainly would not even think about running. Because of the effects of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, he can run with the best of them. Multiple prescription medications provided him no relief. Glucosamine and chondroitin provided slight improvement, but he was looking for better results. He heard about New Zealand green-lipped mussel and decided it was worth a try.

Relief at Last
My husband noticed marked improvement after two weeks of being on the supplement and then he was pain-free after one month. It amazes me that he said he could not run at all before being on the green-lipped mussel because now he runs with his hiking pack on and hikes long distances. He is an active person and the green-lipped mussel gives him what he needs to support that active lifestyle. When he is on the supplement, I wouldn’t guess that he was a person with severe arthritis.

Life without New Zealand Green-lipped Mussel
Since I have known my husband, he has been faithful in taking the green-lipped mussel. We were trying to save some money so he decided not to order any more of the supplement. Not long after this, he started to complain about increasing knee pain. It kept him from exercising and kept us from going hiking. He decided he needed to order the supplement again and within a few days felt better, and within a couple of weeks was pain-free once again.

The Scoop on New Zealand Green-lipped Mussel
New Zealand green-lipped mussel is a shellfish and it is thought to have chemicals that reduce inflammation. There is nothing else in the green-lipped mussel supplement other than the mussel. My husband has ordered more than one brand and orders the supplement on-line. We highly suggest that the New Zealand green-lipped mussel has nothing else added to  it.

If you are looking for arthritis relief, New Zealand green-lipped mussel may be worth trying for your pain if you don’t have a shellfish allergy. My husband gives a hearty endorsement to this natural supplement. There is plenty of information on the web about the product, but we hope his story will be an encouragement to those looking for arthritis pain relief.


My Husband’s Personal Experience

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