Nature’s Original Wheat – Einkorn

I love my bread and I wouldn’t want to live without my sandwiches, but I have been disheartened by all the negative press about wheat.  I have a hard time thinking that a food that has been a staple for so many generations could be that bad for you. I recently found a wheat product that I am excited to add to my diet.

I have heard wheat referred to as franken-wheat and about hybridization that has negatively affected today’s wheat. I find Gluten free options for bread too expensive so I was intrigued when I found a flour from Italy made with einkorn. The claim is that it is “nature’s original wheat” and the only one that has never been hybridized.

It is touted as a healthy alternative to modern wheat.  For me this is worth trying. According to the label on the Jovial flour package, einkorn wheat is as pure today as 12,000 years ago. I have also read that this may be easier to digest than other types of wheat.

I am excited to add this to my diet and I have noticed that it is showing up in more of my favorite health food stores. I have found it at Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. Jovial is the brand that I have seen for the einkorn flour and I even bought a box of the einkorn pasta.  It is not super cheap, but I for my lifestyle it seems more economical than the gluten free options and I am always on the look out for sales.

Have you tried einkorn wheat? What is your experience with it?

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10 thoughts on “Nature’s Original Wheat – Einkorn

  1. The Zero-Waste Chef

    I tried Einkorn wheat in my sourdough and it didn’t turn out (not enough gluten) but it seems fine for other baking. I used up the rest in my cracker dough which I am about to roll out and bake 🙂 Many people think they are gluten intolerant, but I think they are actually bad-bread intolerant. Most commercial bread isn’t fermented like a real sourdough is, so the grains are hard to digest.

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    1. Patti in TX

      I made the sourdough bread in the bread machine and was alerted that it wouldn’t rise( fine by me). It was really dense, really good and gone in 2 days. Toasted with real butter and kosher salt. I’ve started another batch

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