Chasing a Story and Becoming a Story

I have been doing a little freelance writing for my local newspaper, but while I was working on a story, I ended up becoming a story. I was tasked to interview some firefighters from the local fire department. Everything went fine with the interview and I left to return home.

Less than twenty minutes later, I ended up in an auto accident just a few miles from the fire station. Within a very short time of the collision, police and fire were on the scene. My first thought was that I was about to see the very men that I had just finished interviewing. Of course, they recognized me right away.

I was briefly checked out by them and then contacted my husband to come and meet me. My car was not going anywhere without a tow. I then looked over and recognized one of the reporters from the paper taking pictures. It did not excite me to think that I was going to end up in the paper as a subject rather than as a reporter.

I just found the whole thing so crazy. It was nice to have some friendly faces on scene that I knew at least on some level. When I checked the paper for the next issue, sure enough they had a picture of the accident scene. I was glad that my name was not mentioned.

I did a follow-up interview with the firefighters and we were able to talk about the irony of the situation. They were a good group of guys and if felt good to know that they were concerned about me. I liked that they referred to me as the “newspaper lady.”

Can you relate to my crazy experience? I would love to hear from you.

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