Vegetable Ideas for People Who Hate Vegetables

Growing up and for most of my adult life, I have not been a fan of most vegetables. I could handle canned green beans and carrots if they were seasoned right, but I did not go much beyond that. With all the hype about how good vegetables are for you and a strong desire to eat healthy, I decided I needed to strive for more vegetables in my diet. So these are some ideas that have worked for me to improve the taste of vegetables and I hope they can work for you as well. This is just a sampling of some vegetable ideas that have helped me eat my vegetables.

A great way to get spinach in one’s diet is to add it to a smoothie. It is amazing how you can do this and not taste the spinach, but you still get the benefit of it. One of my favorite simple recipes to enjoy a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and fresh green beans is to steam them and then mix them in a small amount of olive oil with some spices such as pepper and basil. Himalayan pink salt is also very good to add to the vegetables and from what I understand not quite as bad as regular salt. I strive to use the salt in moderation.

My husband and I had never been real fans of asparagus, but I saw a cooking show that said that asparagus cooked right would have a sweet flavor. This intrigued me so we decided to make some at home. I grilled the asparagus for about five minutes and then mixed it with olive oil, pepper and the Himalayan pink salt. We really liked this simple recipe. For me, a good olive oil really adds great flavor to vegetables and is my go to ingredient for most vegetables.

Zucchini and eggplant are two other vegetables that we have experimented with and our favorite way to cook them is to sauté them in coconut oil and season with pepper and basil. My husband and I are not real fans of cauliflower, but we decided to try a recipe that used cauliflower and vegetable stock for an Alfredo dish. We liked how it turned out, and we were happy to enjoy cauliflower in a way that did not really taste like cauliflower. Cauliflower can also be prepared just like mashed potatoes for a different twist.

One last way that I have come to enjoy vegetables, is homemade stir-fry. With good seasoning and marinade for the meat, the vegetables really come to life. I recently put together a stir-fry with bok choy. I was not sure if I would like it, but with the combination of all the seasonings and marinade, it really had a good flavor.

I experiment more lately too because my husband likes to try growing different vegetables. I never ate radishes or kohlrabi before my husband grew them in the garden. There is something pretty wonderful about garden fresh vegetables. I love all the peppers from the garden too. Bell peppers are great for making stuffed peppers. But I still think good seasoning is important.

For anyone struggling to get the daily allotment of vegetables, I would encourage you to experiment with new ways of seasoning and cooking. Also, keep in mind that taste buds can change and it is possible that some dreaded vegetable from the past, will not seem so bad today. Many times, it is really just a matter of how the vegetables are cooked. I hope these simple recipe ideas will help you gain a new love for vegetables and a new lease on life from eating something so good for you.

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4 thoughts on “Vegetable Ideas for People Who Hate Vegetables

  1. aranislandgirl

    I agree with you on using a good quality olive oil. I have replaced much salt in my families diet with ground dillisk, a pinkish red seaweed. It is divine and can be mixed with garlic or onion powder as well, just to mention. Yes, tastebuds change–My children try at least monthly things they previously disliked and more times than I can count, it has a new appeal to them. What are your thoughts on beetroot? I love it’s sweetness and we still are picking them out of the ground this time of year. I hear they are fab in smoothies also, but haven’t tried. I love em steamed alone or on a tuna wrap. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. canaf Post author

      I am not familiar with the ground dillisk. Sounds interesting since my husband is watching his salt intake. We use onion and garlic in most of our dishes.I have not used beetroot either, but more interested in new things than I would have been in the past. Thanks for sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Zero-Waste Chef

    I had never been much of a fan of cauliflower but now I roast it with olive oil and a few minutes before it’s ready, toss on a bit of melted butter, fresh rosemary and chopped olives. We have this about once a week and I eat a ton of it. I have no idea what to do with eggplant besides make baba ghanoush, which I don’t do on a regular basis. I’d like to try your coconut oil and basil combo on that and zucchini. Thanks for the tips.

    Liked by 1 person


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