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Bird Therapy – Cedar Waxwing

Have you ever experienced bird therapy? It is relatively cheap and works well for me. Continue reading

Winter Seed Starting

Now is a good time to get a jump on your spring garden in Texas. We start seeds indoors about two months before the last expected frost. It is important to choose crops that work best in not only your climate, but for your soil type as well. Continue reading

Chicken Love – a Haiku

Poem inspired by chicken love.

Faithful Devotionals

I recently loss our pet Red Star hen to an unknown cause. I was so surprised at just how much emotion and grief came with the loss. I always say I am a reluctant chicken mama because I never planned to have chickens.

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Death of a Chicken

A little over two years ago I became a chicken mama when a stray wandered into our yard. We decided to keep it and bought a companion chicken. After many adventures in chicken farming, I am dealing with the death of one of our girls. I shared many stories about our Red Star and I referred to her as the “big chick.” Our other chicken is a Bantam so she was aptly named the “little chick.” Continue reading