Bird Therapy – Cedar Waxwing

Have you ever experienced bird therapy? It is relatively cheap and works well for me. I was enjoying a relatively nice day watching my chickens with their dirt baths. I was in a bit of a funk because I was thinking about my blog and my Facebook fan page. I was wondering about if it was worth it to keep up my Facebook page because I seem to have such a low reach and little interaction.

But my attention was soon shifted to better things.I noticed above me that several birds were flying into one of our trees. I didn’t think it was the normal sparrows because they hang out elsewhere.

cedar1 - Copy

I wondered if they could possibly be the Cedar Waxwing bird. They had come to the yard one other time in large numbers and hung out in our tree. It was a different time of year and I did not really get to enjoy a great view of them, but this time it was different.  They really made themselves at home and I was able to see them so clearly. They gave me a much needed mood booster.

cedar2 - Copy

I think they are a really awesome looking bird. I felt so blessed to be able to spend time watching them. They really made themselves at home even spending time in the bird bath. I appreciated that I could get some cool pictures. It was helpful that our tree is not in full bloom.

birdbathfly - Copy

I also loved being able to get a great shot with a Cardinal. Have these cool birds visited your yard? What is the most unique bird to visit your backyard?

cedarcard - Copy

16 thoughts on “Bird Therapy – Cedar Waxwing

  1. Linda

    I love wax wings! A flock will come by and in about 2 days eat all the bright red berries off the holly bushes, then leave. In my yard, in north Texas, we have cardinals, dove and lots of mocking birds. Our most unusual is a pair of road runners that come around in the morning to see what there is to eat.
    Love your blog!

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