30 Day No Fast Food and No Soda Challenge

My family struggles with eating healthy all the time. We strive to keep a healthy household, but when we don’t have it in us to cook or we are away from the house, fast food is our staple. But now we have committed to refraining from the fast food for 30 days. Since soda is also a big weakness of mine I have decided to forgo that as well.ย ย 

We were raised on junk food and it has been such a part of our adult lives as well. I wish it was easier to kick it all to the curb once and for all, but I need baby steps. I deal a lot with chronic pain and digestive issues and that leaves me not wanting to cook most of the time. This will be one of the most challenging things for the next 30 days. Generally if I am not feeling up to making a home-cooked meal, I have my husband bring home the fast food.

I plan to succeed and I hope to feel physically better. I have a doctor’s appointment the end of the month and I plan to weigh less than my last appointment. I wanted to share about the challenge because I believe it will keep me more accountable and give my a better chance at success.

What keeps you on a good path with healthy eating? Have you done similar challenges? I would also love to hear about any easy meals to make for when one is not inclined to cook.


12 thoughts on “30 Day No Fast Food and No Soda Challenge

  1. Paardje

    I find that it helps a lot to keep reading/learning about the benefits of healthy eating. I also bought books on clean eating and plant based diets and I have those within easy reach for instant motivation. The beginning is always the hardest. I still stumble a lot but in general, my diet has been overhauled for 80% from when I started ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. 2kathleenivan

    I always make my own meals. I started eating better by cutting down on soda. I changed from mountain dew to ginger ale. Then, after a while, I changed to juice or tea. Then, I started to incorporate fruit into my breakfast and veggies into my dinner. This helped me to lose five pounds in a period of 6 months. But when I started to incorporate more errands into my day, I lost pounds really quickly. So, with a good diet and exercise you can lose a lot of pounds. I lost 15 pounds in six months eating a 1800 – 2000 calorie diet and doing lots of daily errands that burnt 500 calories. I used to be 155 in June 2014…..now, I am a few pounds below 140.

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  3. aranislandgirl

    I’m with Paardje on this one and would also add that it is helpful to read the disadvantages and health risks of a poor diet. Not to frighten you, but to become aware of the risks taken with health and quality of life. I gave up soda a couple years ago after making some discoveries about it. Just yesterday someone (Vashti) made the comment that sugar is cancers best friend. That really hit home with me. As healthy as my children’s meals are, the inbetween meal snacking is overboard. I needed to hear/read her comment. It struck a nerve with me and is really resonating.
    Best of luck with this wonderful venture. Enjoy a Happy Easter!!

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    1. canaf Post author

      Thanks! I do know all the bad and sometimes it is enough to keep me on the right path, but unfortunately not always. I do consider every time I make the healthy decision a victory.


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