Our First Pullet Egg

I have been waiting for our two pullets to lay their first eggs and it finally happened for one of them. Our older chicken Buster has been laying again for a little while so I went to check on her status. I saw her and one of the pullets Keypone in the coop. Neither was in the nesting box, but it was interesting to see both in there. I decided to go and check on our third chicken Cher and as I came back around I heard rustling in the nesting box. I knew it wasn’t Buster because I could still see her at the coop door.

I was so excited to see that she must be getting ready to lay and it seemed our little Buster was walking her through the process. I decided to give them privacy, but came back out a little later and noticed that each one was in a nesting box. I felt a little bad for Cher because she was left on her own for a long time. I texted my husband and let him know the situation. He was glad to hear it. Our little Keypone is proving to be a good productive chicken.

Finally after what seemed like forever, I heard our little Buster and Keypone as they made their way out of the nesting boxes. I just thought it was cute that they went through the whole thing together. I had not witnessed that before. Now Cher could be reunited with the flock. Even though I was anxious to check out the egg situation, I wanted to wait until they were not watching. Last time Buster saw my husband take her egg, she went ballistic.

With great anticipation I opened the door of the nesting box where Keypone had been. Sure enough there was a cute little Bantam egg. It looked a lot like our Buster egg, but was slightly smaller and thinner. We are so happy to have two layers in the family. We sure hope Cher will soon be laying too.

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