30 Day No Fast Food and No Soda Challenge Part 2

Last month my family decided to do a 30 day no fast food and no regular soda challenge. I really did not doubt that I could complete the challenge once I set my mind to it. But I knew I would struggle with cravings and I would not have an outlet for my comfort eating when I was stressed. When I finally made it through and could have some comfort food, my husband immediately suggested that we should start the challenge over.

Initially I was hesitant when my husband wanted to start the challenge over without a splurge day, because I really wanted a cheat meal. I agreed to the challenge, but the day after I completed the first 30 days, I went to Taco Bell and had my regular meal of a bean burrito and double-decker taco. Since I knew I had to start the challenge again the next day, I really splurged and had a large Pepsi. I wish the meal and the drink didn’t taste so good, but it really did. I especially enjoyed the Pepsi.

There were a few other meals that I was craving, but I guess I will have to go without for now. I was hoping I would lose a little weight, but that did not happen. I hope the next 30 days will be better in that regard. I did drink some organic and non-GMO soda the last 30 days, but I think I will not do that so much if at all for this month. I do have one Zevia soda left in the fridge. It is non-GMO, sweetened with stevia and has no calories.

The biggest problem with the challenge is cooking more at home. I am dealing with bursitis in my shoulder and I am not up to cooking so much these days. We have been eating simple things like sandwiches, veggie burgers and one pot spaghetti. Those meals are simple and we buy organic when we can and definitely look for non-GMO project verified foods.

I really do want to be healthy, but I still struggle giving up the food that I have lived with my whole life. We do still eat out, but it cost much more to choose the healthier places than it does fast food. I can eat at Taco Bell for less than $4. Most other healthier alternatives are at least twice that.

What keeps you on a good path with healthy eating? Have you done similar challenges? I would also like to hear about any easy meals to make for when one is not inclined to cook.

I would love for you to join us on Facebook. I share updates on the challenge. I have appreciated the support I received during this time.

11 thoughts on “30 Day No Fast Food and No Soda Challenge Part 2

  1. aranislandgirl

    We like to make our own burritos. Tortilla shells with grated cheese, rice, then whatever meat and veg you like. We substitute the sourcream with plain yogurt (less fat, no real taste diff).

    Leftover rice is nice in omelets, same ingredients can be used. We like cheese, yum, yum. Since moving to an island, no place to eat out. It’s make do or starve. I have come to enjoy cooking more. Homemade lasagna, mac and cheese. Whatever we do, we try to do big, two to four meals out of. Freeze lots. Hate being a slave to the kitchen, but do like to eat well.

    Well done going thirty days. And to have the entire family on board is really great. Here’s to the next 30!

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    1. canaf Post author

      The burritos are a great idea. I love them. We are big cheese people too :-). Mac and cheese is another big food for us. We do like to eat well, but I do struggle with those cravings. Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement.

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  2. Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    This is a great challenge. I no longer drink soda or eat red meat. It was very difficult at first because I really did love a cheeseburger with an ice-cold coke, but I was determined. Now, I don’t even crave either of them. It took a while and it wasn’t easy but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. 🙂

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  3. Meredith

    I never indulge in fast foods. I enjoy A diet ginger ale occasionally.
    I like slow cooker recipes, raw veggies, and fruit. Are all organic foods non-GMO?



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