Revisiting Health and Fitness Goals

I wanted to revisit some goals that I had last year. I was sidelined by some of my own injuries and got off track when my husband was dealing with a herniated disc. Now I am still dealing with injuries that include whiplash and shoulder bursitis, but I really want to push through.

I started Tai Chi classes and have high hopes that they will be helpful for me as I deal with healing my body of injuries and chronic pain. After completing two months of not having fast food and regular soda with a cheat day at the end of each 30 days, I am committing to totally changing my eating habits. I don’t need the soda or the fast food.

I wrote out these fitness goals in October just before I ended up with the shoulder bursitis. I still hope to achieve these goals. My husband is a partner in eating better and exercising. One thing we started doing is going on small hikes at our local state park. We watch American Ninja Warrior together and that is motivating me too.

Here are my five original fitness goals:

1. I want a flat belly.

2. I want toned arms.

3. I want to do a pull up.

4.  I want more flexibility and strength.

5. I want to make it up the Warped Wall like on American Ninja Warrior.

My hope is that the more I write and share about my goals and journey, the more I will stick to what I want as a total and permanent lifestyle change. Do you have any goals you want to share? Can we encourage each other?

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2 thoughts on “Revisiting Health and Fitness Goals

  1. 2kathleenivan

    My goal is to eventually be 135 lbs. I’m less than five pounds away from that goal. I have a hard time doing exercise because I get tired out after a half hour. I end up needing to sit down. So, I can’t do a lot of exercise. However, I have been losing weight and I figure it is because the way I eat. I always make my own food at home and I drink mostly tea or flavored water. I’ve been trying to drink more water, but it makes me hungry.

    I also use an application on my phone where I can log in all the foods and drinks I have each day. It adds up the calories and gives me a suggested amount of calories per day. It also lets me log in the exercise and how many calories it burns. I find it very accurate and, thus, helpful.

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