Ten Ways My Chickens Amuse Me

I just love my chickens. Watching them is so much fun. Here is my list of ten ways that my girls amuse me.

1. I just think they look so cute when they drink water.
2. They are too cute when they beg for treats.
3. I love watching them take dirt baths.
4. How can I not smile when I see them run?
5. It cracks me up seeing them run around with a bug in their mouth.
6. They look cute just chilling.
7. I love when they have something to say.
8. Does my heart good seeing them dig around and do their chicken thing.
9. It is fun to see their individual personalities.
10. I love the whole egg laying process.

Do you agree? What is your favorite thing about chickens?

8 thoughts on “Ten Ways My Chickens Amuse Me

  1. 2kathleenivan

    I don’t have chickens, but I have seen a video of chickens taking a dust bath and I thought it was interesting. The picture you have of them for this post just made me smile because it looks like they are intent on doing something. Like, maybe coming up to you to see if you have something for them?

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