My Bowflex Workout

It seems like my fitness routine is ever evolving and my latest endeavor is with the Bowflex. Last year I started doing Tai Chi and I felt it was a positive experience for me. I was attending a twice a week class, but the class didn’t take due to not enough people. That was a real bummer for me. I still do it on my own, but I am not progressing beyond what I had already learned.

As much as I like my Tai Chi, at my current level my goal of getting really strong is not a reality. I want to get super strong and have toned arms with no batwings. I am unable to do a pull-up, but I am determined to change that. We started building a home gym with several good deals from Craigslist and one great deal we found was for a Bowflex.

My husband’s personal trainer friend recommended it. So now, I have started a three-day a week Bowflex routine that my husband set up for me. So far, I have been faithful in the routine for five weeks. That is pretty good for me since I deal with daily chronic pain and stomach issues. Since I don’t always trust my brain to remember everything, I recorded my husband’s demonstrations on my phone. Now I don’t have to worry that I am forgetting something and I can check my form.

I am feeling pretty good and I am trying to take my husband’s advice about pushing myself as far the resistance numbers. I am not sure yet if I would say, I am stronger, but I plan to keep pressing on with the Bowflex workout. I want to keep up with my Tai Chi routine and add more cardio to the mix. I can’t wait for the day when I get that push-up accomplished.

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