The High of Exercise

It seems like there is always something to get me off track with my workouts. It gets frustrating because at this point in my life, I am not looking for excuses not to work out. I want my workouts. I want that mental and physical boost.

Just when I had been doing so well with my exercising, I got sick. At first, I wondered if I should still try to push myself to workout, but it was soon evident that my body just would not handle that. I was forced to take a break. I was so frustrated and one of my biggest reasons for wanting to be well again was to get back to my workout routine.

Today I finally started feeling better and I was convinced that now I could try to push myself for that workout. I did it and it gave me such a high. I had missed it so much and to be back to a normal routine, felt so good. It gave my mood such a boost. I haven’t actually been in this good of a mood for quite some time.

If exercise can feel this good, I most certainly need to keep it up. Since I have been sick, I definitely fell off the wagon on my food too. I always turn to comfort food when I am sick and I certainly want something that I don’t have to prepare at those times. Now that I am back to the exercise routine, I am also motivated to get back on track with the better diet.

One week of bad food and exercise is enough for me. I much prefer the high of a good workout and the mental boost of knowing that I am putting good things into my body. I am so glad that at this point in my life being active and eating well are important to me. I may fall off the wagon at times, but I always get back on track.

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7 thoughts on “The High of Exercise

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