How Kung Fu Movies Inspire My Workouts

Ever since I started taking Tai Chi, I have gained a greater interest in martial arts and especially Kung Fu. I never expected that I would end up being hooked on Kung Fu movies. However, this has turned out to be a good thing for me because it actually has motivated me to get more fit and strong.

I always had somewhat of an interest in martial arts, but I never pursued it because I could not picture myself sparring with anybody. The only exception is my husband. Now I have realized that I could actually do a good amount of training without sparring. My goal is to have a strong mind and body.

The Kung Fu movies that inspire me the most are the ones that show actual Kung Fu training. I especially like the ones that have the students not even realizing that they are training for Kung Fu. It makes me think of the phrase “Everything is Kung Fu.” This helps me because I see different types of physical labor as part of my training. In the past, I would have just cringed at too much physical labor.

I started volunteering at a horse ranch. Two activities that are challenging for me are cleaning horse’s hooves and delivering water. Previously, I would just focus on how hard these activities were for me. However, now I am focused on how they are helping me get stronger. When I first did the water, I could only do one bucket and at a time and it was challenging. Now I am able to do the two buckets at once and it is easier than the first time I tried just the one bucket. I know I am getting stronger and that has me psyched.

I am enjoying the actual martial arts training that I am doing. But really, any activity has been good for me. I am in a good place mentally when it comes to my workouts. I am happy to see that I am making some progress. I have a ways to go, but I will continue to be inspired by the Kung Fu movies and some occasional other marital arts movies.

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