Why I Share Missing Children Posters

     I often share posters on my social media of missing minors in hopes that they will be shared by others. I wanted to comment about why I share posters of missing children and why I hope others will do so. I work with organizations that are committed to finding missing teenagers and to ending human trafficking. 

     Runaway children are way vulnerable to being trafficked. It is said that a trafficker is likely to approach a runaway within 48 hours of going missing. Many are already being trafficked before they run. We want to do our part to help bring them out of that life. Sharing a missing poster can be a critical means of doing so. 

     I also share because of the parents who are beside themselves because their child is missing. They don’t know if their child is safe and when they could hope to see them again. The missing youth is often engaging in destructive behavior and in need of serious intervention. A child may be running away from an unsafe situation and in those cases it is important for them to have resources when they are recovered to help them.

     I know that sharing posters works in helping to locate missing youth. Near my house a girl was located at a gas station that I frequent because of her poster being shared on social media. Valuable tips come from people calling the number located on the posters. Sometimes that can be information asserting that a child may not be in a safe situation at home. This could lead to much needed intervention.

     If you don’t regularly share missing posters, I encourage you to do so. Your share could lead to that one critical person recognizing the missing youth. It is a tangible and easy way to join in the fight against human trafficking. 




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