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WordPress Four Year Anniversary

Of all days to log on to my WordPress account, it is on my four year anniversary. Continue reading

Bird Therapy – Cedar Waxwing

Have you ever experienced bird therapy? It is relatively cheap and works well for me. Continue reading

Backyard Dovesdoves1 - Copy

I am used to seeing a couple of doves at a time hanging out in my yard, but today I noticed well over twenty doves sitting on the wire above my yard.  My husband suggested I put out some extra bird seed.  Once I did that and went into the house, the doves invaded the yard.

doves3 - Copy

Bath time

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Chillin with Nature

In response to the Nature Chills Challenge from fellow blogger A Momma’s View, I wanted to share what makes me chill out in nature. I love to bird watch in my own backyard and I feel a special excitement when I see a new bird. Continue reading

Backyard Scare Part 2

Last week I shared about a backyard scare in our yard with a hawk. My husband was home to take care of things and bring calm to the situation, but this week I had to handle a similar situation alone. Continue reading

Backyard Scare

What was left of the Hawk.

What was left of the Hawk.

We had a bit of unwanted excitement with our chickens today. I have a bird bath that sits where I can see it from my living room. Suddenly I looked up and saw a larger than normal bird in it. Continue reading

Hummingbirds and Butterflies

I was so surprised one day to find this butterfly hanging out at the hummingbird feeder.

Of all the backyards in all the world...

Of all the backyards in all the world…

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The Elusive Painted Bunting

I love watching all the birds in my yard. I have been amazed at the variety. I am most drawn to birds with bright colors and ever since I saw a picture of a Painted Bunting, I have been obsessed with seeing this bird for myself. My husband told me he had seen the bird and this made me very jealous. My obsession with the bird has been so great that I have had at least two dreams in which I did see this elusive bird.  My husband was able to get me to go on a hike with him because I had hoped to see the elusive Painted Bunting. I was convinced that I needed to venture out of my back yard if I wanted to see this awesome creature somewhere other than my dreams. Continue reading

Hummingbirds Rule

I like to look out my backdoor and watch my chickens and the many creatures that make themselves at home in our backyard. Seeing all the creatures in my yard can really help my mood and make me smile. Putting up a hummingbird feeder right outside the door has been a wonderfully entertaining treat. Continue reading