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The Broody Crowing Chick

I really try to keep an eye on my chickens for any signs of broodiness. We do not encourage it on our homestead because we are not trying to hatch any chicks. Unfortunately for us, we have breeds that are prone to broodiness. Continue reading

The Little Hen that Crowed

I have a little Bantam hen that has recently started crowing.   The morning starts out quiet enough and the next thing I know out of my little hen comes the loudest crowing.  This concerns me on multiple levels.  I live in a residential neighborhood so I definitely worry about the noise.  I am also concerned because I have read about how hens sometimes end up with a damaged ovary that can lead them to becoming more rooster like. My little chick has stopped laying so that possibility has crossed my mind.  I didn’t sign up for a backyard rooster. Continue reading