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Chicken Love – a Haiku

Poem inspired by chicken love.

Faithful Devotionals

I recently loss our pet Red Star hen to an unknown cause. I was so surprised at just how much emotion and grief came with the loss. I always say I am a reluctant chicken mama because I never planned to have chickens.

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Death of a Chicken

A little over two years ago I became a chicken mama when a stray wandered into our yard. We decided to keep it and bought a companion chicken. After many adventures in chicken farming, I am dealing with the death of one of our girls. I shared many stories about our Red Star and I referred to her as the “big chick.” Our other chicken is a Bantam so she was aptly named the “little chick.” Continue reading

Vegetable Ideas for People Who Hate Vegetables

Growing up and for most of my adult life, I have not been a fan of most vegetables. I could handle canned green beans and carrots if they were seasoned right, but I did not go much beyond that. With all the hype about how good vegetables are for you and a strong desire to eat healthy, I decided I needed to strive for more vegetables in my diet. So these are some ideas that have worked for me to improve the taste of vegetables and I hope they can work for you as well. This is just a sampling of some vegetable ideas that have helped me eat my vegetables. Continue reading

Chicken Bath – A Rookie’s Story

After our pretty, fluffy butt chicken became the dirty butt chicken, I knew it was time to attempt to give her a bath. I really hoped that she would do the job herself with a dirt bath. I saw her and our other chicken taking a dirt bath and I attempted to toss some dirt in her bum area in an effort to help. I also tried just spraying her butt with water. None of these efforts yielded any results so bath time it was. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Me

Sharing about life and ideas is a great way to make a connection. I want to write in this blog about things that have helped me in my life and I hope to encourage others through my story. I love to learn and I crave stimulation. Within the past year or so, I became a backyard chicken farmer. This has been an incredible learning experience and I have enjoyed sharing my adventures with friends and family, but I would love to connect with a broader audience. Continue reading

My Homestead

Since I entitled by blog Faithful Homesteader, I wanted to write a little post about my humble homestead. I own a small house with my husband with just less than half an acre of land. We live in a semi-rural area. My husband has a green thumb and it has served us well. He likes to grow a variety of different foods and loves to experiment with a variety of organic methods. We rarely buy vegetables at the store and often have plenty to share with our family and friends. We have three chickens that help in the garden. They provide fertilizer and pest control. In the past, they have provided eggs, but they are currently on strike. Continue reading