WordPress Four Year Anniversary

Of all days to log on to my WordPress account, it is on my four year anniversary. Since I have been blogging regularly for GRIT, it seems I don’t make it here much. I have been having a lot of adventures though. I have been learning how to do maintenance on my truck and on appliances around the house like my dryer. These days I am all about learning whatever I can about a variety of things. I was so excited to finally see the return of my beloved Painted Bunting. I believe my very first post was written about it. I would love for you to check out some of my GRIT articles and read about my latest adventures.

Enjoying a Painted Bunting Visit

Volunteering in Your Community

Learning to Change My Oil

Learning How My Dryer Works

Learning to Work on My Husband’s Truck

3 thoughts on “WordPress Four Year Anniversary

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